Dr Ashwani Kumar Kaushal

Ayurvedacharya ,son of Vaidraj Tek Chand Kaushal and founder of Tek Ayurved Sansthan Shri Krishan Aushadayalaya practice in Ayurveda has sharp Vision toward future growth made him possible to expanded Shri Krishna Aushadayalaya in 1981 after getting Ayurvedacharya graduation Ashwani Kumar Kaushal practised experience of 40 years conceive to start Tek Ayurved Sansthan Shri Krishan Aushadhyalaya.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Kaushal has vast experience of Ayurvedic practice in India and has written so many literature and books on Ayurveda .

He does make himself available for consultation…
Dr Ashwani kumar kaushal
272. Prabhat Nagar Behind Times of India office Prabhat Nagar Saket Meerut pin .250001
Mob.7814683994 -9643717623-8860717620

Correct treatment

Correct Treatment begins with correct diagnosis (Nadi nidhan).

Know the constitution of your body through Ayurvedic – nadi nidhan.& improve the immunity system of your body with pure ayurvedic formulations .

(Toxin Accumulation in the body due to Lifestyle can lead to diseases.)

Ayurveda toxicology can clean and Heal Your Body & mind . protect you from all kind of lifestyle related diseases.and improve the immunity system of the your body .contact +91 9643717623, +91 8860717620
World renowned , 45 years experienced Ayurved Nari nidhan specialist .

Dr Ashwani Kumar Kaushal Ayurvedacharya

Tek Ayurvedic Sansthan

Shri Krishna aushadhalaya ______(since 1925)________
Daily eve.5 to 8 pm
A-299 Nangla battu road Pragati Nagar Near Hari palace Meerut Mob.7302331819,7505532338.
(Sunday by appointment only)

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