Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles

Ayurvedic treatment for piles & Fissures. Hard stools that refuse to leave the body through the anus even besides umpteen efforts can cause pain and bleeding. Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles and Fissures can leave your personal life topsy turvy and can impact your everyday routine in the worst possible manner. Painful stools, messy clothes and constant rush to have a bathroom nearby can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes the condition is extremely painful and can leave a person teary-eyed.

Why Do We Have Piles?

The anal canal is made up of blood vessels, muscles, support tissues and elastic fibres. Piles can be defined as inflammation in a collection of tissues or blood laden veins of the anal canal and these may be inside or in the surrounding outer edge of the anus. Many people move around in their daily routine with no idea that they are suffering from piles because of hidden symptoms. Piles can be called as troublesome veins that agitate the anal tract.

We have listed a few reasons for piles and these are:

  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting in a squatting position for long periods of time
  • A weakening of the muscles in the rectum area
  • Periodic diarrhoea
  • Obesity
  • Heavy exercises
  • Lack of sufficient water and fibre in the diet

Clotted piles that are external need instant treatment because the patient may not be able to sit comfortably because of the acute pain and severe itching. The cracks and tears in the skin of the anal region can be terribly painful. Ultimately the person tries to avoid going to the bathroom because the suffering and pain are scary.

You may be astonished but even chronic cough can cause piles in the long run and can be a reason for discomfort because it strains the anus muscles. Try to keep the stools hydrated by drinking water, plenty of it, and eating fibre foods so that there is no straining of the sphincter muscles.

Symptoms of Piles:

Feeling of fullness in the bowel area even after the bowel has been discharged of faecal matter A painful or hard lump of solid skin around the anus. These lumps may have clotted or coagulated blood Bloody discharge after a bowel movement The itchy, sore and red anal area Painful stools In some cases, piles can cause severe anal bleeding Low iron levels in the body Poor bowel control and faecal incontinence Can lead to anal fistula Can cause infections and blood clots

People suffering from piles need to take liquids and fibre-rich diets regularly so that they do not develop internal and external haemorrhoids. Hard stools can strain the anus and lead to piles. Passing stool becomes tough and agony because of extremely dry and hard stools that are a result of constipation. The sphincter muscles face the pressure and stretch beyond their capacity. In the rectum area, there are small minuscule blood vessels that may tear and bleed when dry stool tries to push out, so increase the liquid and fibre content in your diet to stay away from piles.

The lower part of the anus or the anal canal can develop swollen veins. Normally, these do not hurt and at this stage, they are termed as piles or haemorrhoids but if these engorged veins start causing the pain because of cuts and tears in the skin in the anal region they are called fissures. You have experts who can diagnose your condition and make a diagnosis. Till the time you take an appointment with a professional, you can start taking home remedies for piles. Check details for this online or you can go on the Shuddhi.com website and can try out the piles’ fissure fistula package available to feel better in your condition. Take a free consultation from an Ayurvedic consultant before you start this Ayurvedic remedy and then take it regularly to note the improvement. The symptoms of all three are interlinked and can cause confusion so a medical professional will be the best judge of your condition.

Reasons For Anal Fissure:

Any medical complication that creeps up in the body is with a reason. Normally anal fissures are a result of: Prolonged diarrhea Severe constipation that leads to too much effort made in defecation and strained bowel movements Lack of sufficient water and fiber in diet Anal sex Natural childbirth Rectum cancer

When pressure is exerted on the rectum then the muscles in the anal region and inner rectum tear and start to bleed.

More about anal fistula: Like fissures are tears in the anal region fistulas are basically abnormal abscesses that are filled with pus and these are found in the area near the anus. These abscesses are connected to infected glands by small miniscule tubes called fistula which can have more than one opening in complicated cases.

Symptoms of Fistula And Fissures:--- Unbearable and excruciating pain leave a person stunned whenever he or she tries to defecate or whenever there is a bowel movement. Burning sensation in the anal region Irritation and scratchy feeling in anus or in the area around it Cracks and tears around the anus that have a tendency to bleed .

Throbbing pain in anal region which can increase when a person squats or sits for a long period of time Redness and swelling in the anal region When the discharge is bloody and full of pus the patient may also develop a fever.

Most of the time surgery is the only option to treat fissures and fistulas but initially, painkillers and some strong allopathic medications are recommended to treat the patient. Is this the only option? Do we have to load the body on chemical-laden medications or do we have the option of trying out Ayurvedic treatment for piles and fissures to feel better?

You can feel a lot of relief from anal fissures if you alter your diet and take herbal remedies. Ayurveda is extremely effective in dealing with this condition and you need to relax the body, do meditation, stay away from very heavy exercise, take a high fibrous diet, drink lots of fluids and liquids and feel better. Fissures heal with the passage of time but in some cases, they can reoccur. There are plenty of allopathic medications and other alternative methods of medicines that can help treat the person but the most effective is Ayurveda.

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