Treatment of Treatment of Leucorrhoea with Ayurveda

In general, white vaginal discharge is a reaction of the organism that has cleansing and protective function. It is normal for the women with active hormones who do not suffer from vaginal health problems. White vaginal discharge, however, may be accompanied by a number of symptoms, which are a sign for the development of infections in different organs.

Some of these symptoms are thickening of the secretion, change in its color and smell, itching, burning, stomach pain, pain during sex, pain during urination, dark urine or occurrence of blood in it, fever, fatigue, etc. The causes of anomalies in white vaginal discharge are many and varied.

In practice, it can be caused by any disorder of the vaginal micro flora, as in that case the conditional is called bacterial vaginosis. The vaginal secretion can be changed even due to the use of soaps that are highly aggressive and acidic. Also changes may occur if you take contraception, steroids, antibiotics.

Some of the most serious diseases causing white vaginal discharge are:


Bacterial infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia that are transmitted through sexual


Specific single-celled parasites that are transmitted during unprotected sex, as they cause trichomoniasis, andida, Pathologies that occurred in the cervix Ovarian cyst, cancer.

Other causes may be diseases that are not related to the reproductive system or the urinary system – for example, diabetes.

There are some simple hygiene rules that can protect you from infection and from white vaginal discharge problems. Washing should be done regularly with warm water and mild washing soap. There are also specially made intimate gels and lotions that contain lactic acid and active


Drying should be done from front to back in order to avoid the risk of infection with bacteria from the anus and the intestinal micro flora. You should be careful with the intimate showers – harmful microorganisms can penetrate in the vagina through them. Practice protected sex /with permanent partner/, otherwise the sex should be protected.


Treatment with the help of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the anomalies in white vaginal discharge are due to imbalance of the vital energies in the body. These are three energies that are set from our birth in specific proportions, as they are responsible and manage various functions in our organism. In Ayurveda they are called Doshas.

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