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Terms of Ayurveda, infertility refers to the inability of a woman of reproductive age to who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full terms. According to modern science, Infertility can also be defined as the failure to conceive after years of regular intercourse without any contraception. The problem of infertility has become quite common these days and has become important to find a solution that is affordable and less complicated.

Causes of infertility

The causes of infertility in a woman include ovarian factors, age-related factors, tubal factors, PCOS, uterine problems, and more. The menstrual cycle can also be affected by different factors such as emotional instability, diet, physical exercise, stress, and lifestyle. Male infertility is caused by problems that the production of sperms such as infections, ejaculation problems, hormone imbalance, defects of tubules, varicocele, and more. In Ayurveda, the main cause of any abnormal function in the body is tridosha dushti and agnimandya.

Management of infertility in Ayurveda

Ayurveda supports health by strengthening the body’s own healing capabilities and doesn’t rely on foreign substances to correct the hormones in the body. Ayurveda focuses on treating infertility holistically with the aim of improving the quality and overall health of a person.

Dietary management

Diet plays an important role in curing and preventing diseases. Dietary management includes strict compliance to food that increases Ojus (it is responsible for overall health, energy, and liveliness) and to avoid food that decreases the Ojus. 

The is essential to regulate ovulation and improves fertilization. Eating whole foods provides all essential nutrients to the body, which influences hormonal levels of the body. Foods such as excess starch, carbohydrates hormone-laden meat, and canned produce can destroy fertility. Your diet should be free from trans-fats as they block arteries, harm the heart, and threaten fertility. Foods containing chemicals like alcohol, caffeine, soda, red meat, refined carbohydrates, and more can cause the problem of infertility.

Treatment principles of Infertility in Ayurveda

When the food is not properly digested, it creates toxins in the stomach, which leads to many stomach ptoblems.

Ayurvedic herbs & Bhasmas .

The treatment of infertility does not stand alone. It is the result of other diseases. So, the herbs used in the Ayurvedic treatment directly affect the underlying cause. The most commonly used herbs are Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Shatavari,musli, kaunch beej, along with certain bhasmas like sidhmakardwaj. parallel,, gold , heera ,bhasm.loh bhasmas etc. are some of the extremely useful herbs, which create the synergic hormonal balance.

The right combination of herbs also helps in revitalizing sperms, regulating menstrual cycles, and overall wellness. So, if you are also facing a similar health problem, consult


Dr Ashwani kumar kaushal Ayurvedacharya .

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