Tek Course

Sex is of great importance in everybody's life right from the first awareness to old age. Importance, reduced libido or week erection due many reasons:

  • Possible Male Climacteric Psychological inhibition Ill-health, debility,
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • Diabetes
  • Drugs e.g. antihypertensive
  • Male Infertility
  • Female indications include
  • Dyspareunia
  • Vaginismus
  • Figidity

General Instructions:
The need for nutritive diet, health exercise in the out-doors, good rest, freedom from worry and tension, moderation in smoking and alcohol and correction to constipation are equally important.

How does Tek course help young adults?
Tek course with TEK Spray for men, act simultaneously on both higher cortical centers and spinal centers. Tek Course is quite useful in those unfortunate young adults who have problems of erection of penis and a result of wrong information about sexual activity, fear complex and lack of confidence. Some of the young adults have the problem of premature ejaculation. Tek course found to be promising in such cases.

How Tek course helps people in their 30's and 40's ?
In this age group, the persons shoulder a lot responsibilities within the family as well as socially. This may effect their sex life to considerable extent and has to be managed at an early stage. In this age group after having enjoyed sex earlier a slows but steady decline in the sex activity starts. This worries many young couples. If further adds to the decline in sexuality and the cycle continues. Tek course breaks this vicious circle.

Can Tek course used by old people above 65-70 years of age?
Basically Tek course is an Ayurvedic vitalizing treatment. The energy is beneficially diverted towards act in case of middle aged people. In case old people Tek course will help to utilize the same energy another fields of interest, as meditation, intellectual pursuits etc. Tek course has on overall tonic and longer time. So while reproduction function in women ends with menopause, man can reproduce even into old age. These are reliable of men becoming fathers in their seventies, eighties, even nineties.

A. Can Tek course be used both by males and females ?
B. Will it help in their sexual inadequacies ?

Vaginismus can also be caused by physical factors. These include common vaginal infections which produce discharge itching and irritation, and TREATMENT is of course directed toward the specific disorder. Once the discomfort is eliminated the women can again "relax", and the vaginal spasm vanishes.

A. Yes, Tek Course can be used by femaleswho may have less energy and impaired sexual desire. It is useful for bringing about a proper vaginal lubrication and easy coitus. Tek course will also relax the smooth muscles which are in spasm.

B. Basically the female patients are benefited by the regular used of Tek course as it helps them to overcome their fear and taboos regarding sex and brings about a change in their outlook towards sex and prepares them beneficially to look upon sex as a normal and physiological activity.

Tek course is very effective in cases of dry vagina, one of the causes of vaginimus and Dyspareunia (painful coitus) Tek course is very useful in treating frigidity is not due to organic causes or is of psychogenic origin.

"TEK on herbal course for sex" of 30 Days.

1. TEK herbal course: Rs. 3,000/- only
2. Super TEK herbal course: Rs. 12,000/- only
3. Super Gold herbal Course: Rs. 18,000/- only
4. Super Diamond herbal Course: Rs. 30,000/- only

Duration: 30 days

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